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Children walking on Stenhøj Beach in the Coastal Land

Overview of trip suggestions

Photo: Chaline Engelhardt

Here you can see a complete list of day trips with large and small experiences throughout the Coastal Land - right here.

37+ day trips in the Coastal Land - right here!


Satisfy your cultural hunger in the industrial town of Horsens

24 hours in Horsens is almost too little. However, we have gone to great lengths to pick out small and large must-sees, so you can make the most of your visit with us.


The Horsens Treasure Hunt
Photo: David Jervidal

The Horsens Treasure Hunt

How many windows does the water tower from 1913 have? Who sketched the building Horsens Museum? How fun is the new playground at the Industrial Museum? Come along for a treasure hunt and experience Ho...

Happy football fans stranding on one of the grandstands at CASA Arena Horsens
Photo: Morten P Foto

A day with friends in Horsens

A whole day with friends and activities can be just what you need! We have put together the perfect day for those who love football, community and quality time with a friend or five.  


Family trip to the south side of Horsens Fjord

Can you build stools from a whale skeleton, move an entire farm in a wheelbarrow and sail into the sea with a tractor? Take the family to the scenic south side of Horsens Fjord, and find the answers at Glud Museum and Denmark’s Ferguson Museum.

Drone photo of Odder town
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Take a town walk in Odder

Odder is much more than a lovely station town. Here you can experience the tranquillity and roots of the town’s small and sometimes hidden stories. Take an historic town walk and discover how past and present unite in the town streets.


The Tunø Treasure Hunt
Photo: VisitOdder

The Tunø Treasure Hunt

Tunø, the island without cars, is a natural haven that everyone should experience. For this reason, the people of Tunø have teamed up with VisitOdder to create a fun activity for the whole family.



Invigorating trip with a fjord, pines and treatment paths

This trip takes you past picturesque landscapes along the refreshing treatment paths at beautiful Vejle Fjord and Træskohage Lighthouse. When you breathe the fresh fjord air, you feel exactly why the area is - and has been - a favourite spa area with a focus on the body and mind

Stenhøj Strand
Photo: Chaline Engelhardt

Beach trips all year round

All weather is good beach weather! On the beaches of the Coastal Land along the Odder coast, on the Juelsminde peninsula or around Horsens, you can walk here all year round, enjoy a picnic, collect beach shells and stones, take a winter swim or just enjoy nature.

A couple enjoying themselves at the harbour in Denmark's cosiest harbour town, Juelsminde - part of Destination Coastal Land
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Maritime holiday atmosphere in Juelsminde

On average, the sun shines more on the East Coast than inland. You can easily have a cloudy day in Horsens and Vejle while the sun shines in Juelsminde. Spend a day in the perfect summer town!


Cycle around Horsens Fjord and explore its small islands

Are you up for island hopping in Horsens Fjord? Start the cycle trip in Horsens and cycle north around the fjord out to Alrø and across Hjarnø. Along the way, you will even get out sailing on the charming little bicycle ferry.


Day trip to Endelave, the Island of the Year

There are many good reasons why our lovely rabbit island has been named island of the year in Denmark in 2021. You’re going to love Endelave.

Fresh produce on a food stall
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Explore Odder’s local pantry

Do you also feel that food is one of the most important ingredient for a good trip? Do you also think that the best souvenir is the one that tastes good? Then you feel exactly like us


Discover beautiful golf courses in Horsens

Is it time to plan your next golf stay? In Horsens, you can play golf and challenge yourself on some of the country's most beautiful and best designed golf courses. Horsens Golf Club and Stensballegaard Golf Club have plenty of space for both experienced and beginners.


Cycle route: Pedals and family fun on the East Coast

If you have to choose just one thing to experience in Odder, it is the many bicycle paths and fantastically beautiful cycling routes! We recommend a trip from Odder towards Hou, on to Saksild and then back to Odder - depending on where you begin!

Girl in the play tower in Juelsminde Nature Play Park
Photo: David Jervidal

Family dream on a silver platter

With a nature play park, crab racetrack, sandy beach and legendary ice cream - in addition to places to eat at the inviting marina - Juelsminde just needs one single day to create loyal followers.


Day trip on the Snaptun-Juelsminde Coastal Path

Prepare for a gorgeous and delightfully varied walking route between the 2 atmospheric harbour towns of Snaptun and Juelsminde - just off the coast! You pass through deep forests, wide sandy beaches, idyllic villages and beautiful manor parks before reaching the incredibly cosy Juelsminde.


Go for a ride on a mountain bike

The villages of Hansted, Egebjerg and Gedved north of Horsens are best known for their considerable population growth and excellent location in relation to the motorway. However, the villages also hide a secret in the form of a genuine natural gem.

Family at at fire ring
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Mythical creatures and furry friends

Do you love all the creatures of the world? At the Children’s Farm and in the Fairytale Forest, you can get close to both furry farm animals and mythical creatures.


On a trip with wild horses and marshland

You will find another world a stone’s throw from Horsens town centre - the large protected areas Nørrestrand and Nørrestrand and The Four Meadows. People have lived here for thousands of years, which sense as you walk among wild horses and grazing highland cattle in the prehistoric land.


Photo: Destination Kystlandet

A day of golf in Odder

Have you ever tried golf? If not, then it’s high time. Golf is underestimated as a holiday activity. It’s fun for the whole family, everyone can join in, it’s great exercise and you get lots of fresh air. A win-win!


Explore Brædstrup’s nature and town life

Brædstrup will surprise you! The town is not big, but has a large catchment area of smaller villages, and can you also find exciting specialty shops, beautiful restaurants and stunning scenery

The Juelsminde Treasure Hunt
Photo: Jesper Rais

The Juelsminde Treasure Hunt

Calling all landlubbers! Join us on an adventurous and fun treasure hunt in Juelsminde. A guaranteed joyous and active trip for the whole family and even with free medals for the little ones as proof ...


On an adventure in Sondrup’s deep forests and high hills

Sondrup Hills offers a fantastic view and signposted hiking routes, which we would definitely recommend.

Family standing on the top of The Sugar Loaf
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

The Sugar Loaf - a view that is hard to match

The Sugar Loaf is not one of the best-known vantage points – nor is it among the highest – but the view is hard to match. It is the perfect place to pour a hot cup of coffee or open a good bottle of wine

Drone photo of Uldum marsh
Photo: Hedensted Municipality

Travel to the End of the World at Uldum Marsh

There is a large bog and marsh area in Uldum Marsh by the Gudenå river, which is fantastic to explore for both young and old. Also visit Uldum Mill, where marsh bodies, millstones and oatmeal go hand in hand.

Photo: Jesper Rais

A day at the coast

Take an excursion and explore the local coast on the north side of Horsens Fjord.

Boy standing by Norsminde harbour
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Bicycle ride and harbour fun in Norsminde

Start with a lovely bicycle ride around Norsminde Fjord and finish with delicious food in charming Norsminde.


Historic trip along the south side of Horsens Fjord

If you love nature experiences, then go on a 26 km round trip at Boller and Bjerrelide on the south coast of Horsens Fjord. Here you will find a large natural and forest area waiting to be explored, and a lot of historical sights. The trip is perfect for both cycling and mountain biking.


Hike on the Coastal Path from Hou to Hølken

If you have yet to hike this trail, you’re really missing out on a wonderful outdoor experience. This 10-kilometre-long hiking trail takes you from Hou to Hølken along the beautiful beaches of the Odder Coast and back to the harbour through the cosy coastal town of Hou. 


Family-friendly bicycle trip on a former railway path

The Horsens-Silkeborg Nature Trail is a 61-kilometre signposted cycle route that follows the old Bryrup railway. Most of the route runs along asphalted railway tracks, and you therefore you are on busy roads very much, which makes it perfect for the family.

The Odder Treasure Hunt
Photo: Jesper Rais

The Odder Treasure Hunt

Enjoy healthy quality time with your children as you follow the treasure map on a four-kilometre-long route through the city of Odder. All adventurers can get a limited-edition medal from the treasure...

Aerial view of Husodde at Horsens Fjord with Husodde beach and Horsens City Camping
Photo: Horsens City Camping

Trip to the local beach at Husodde

When the sun is high in the sky, the beach is calling. At Husodde Beach on Horsens Fjord there are both excellent swimming conditions and the opportunity to play mini golf or hire a sea kayak.


Feel the history at the Industrial Museum

Welcome to the paradise of the curious fingers! At the Industrial Museum it’s noisy and lively, and it’s “learn by doing”. Compete against the family on the assembly line, assemble a Puch Maxi engine in the moped workshop, or explore all the other active workshops and exhibitions.

Family visits The Prison Museum (Fængslet)
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Experience life behind bars

Can you be behind bars? In the Prison Museum, you can experience life as an inmate. Although the history of the place is bleak and serious, there are live exhibitions and space for play. In the prison park, the kids can try their hand as an escape artist on the “Great Escape" play tower.


Tee off and have a great golf day in Juelsminde

Juelsminde is often associated with sailing and genuine sailing atmosphere. However, it’s also a perfect destination for a great day with sea-view greens, as well as lovely shops and eateries so close to the sea and harbour that you can almost hear the ripples as you relax, shop or eat.


A day trip canoeing on the Gudenå: Tørring-Åstedbro

Canoeing on the Gudenå is a fun and climate-friendly activity for everyone. The southernmost stretch from Tørring is quite beginner-friendly and offers many turns where you can practice your technique. The trip goes through peaceful nature in Denmark's biggest wetland, Uldum Kær. 


A day trip canoeing on the Gudenå: Åstedbro-Vestbirk

Go for a day trip and float downstream through peaceful nature in a canoe. When you rent the canoe, you can have it delivered to the starting point, so everything is ready when you arrive. Here, you can have a memorable experience without much planning and trouble.


A day trip canoeing on the Gudenå: Vestbirk-Klostermølle

The most beautiful part of the Danish river Gudenå for a day trip? The stretch between Vestbirk and Klostermølle in the hilly and enthralling nature of Bakkelandet is a good bet. Rent a canoe and look forward to a great experience together.  

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