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Mand of kvinde går tur ved Odderkysten ved Hou på vandrerute

Hike on the Coastal Path from Hou to Hølken

Photo: Kristoffer Loft

If you have yet to hike this trail, you’re really missing out on a wonderful outdoor experience. This 10-kilometre-long hiking trail takes you from Hou to Hølken along the beautiful beaches of the Odder Coast and back to the harbour through the cosy coastal town of Hou. 

On a beautiful stroll along beach and marina

Drive to the town of Hou and park your car by the lively harbour. Immediately you will be met by the refreshing sea air, see the masts of boats and yachts, and observe the bustling activity of ferry passengers bound for adventure in the East Jutland archipelago. But no need for exploring the harbour town just yet! You’ll have plenty of time for that when you return. First, we recommend stocking up on food and beverages at the Dagli’ Brugsen store right by the harbour.

Your journey starts

The first part of your trip you will spend by the ocean. From Hou, there are many kilometres of unobstructed beach. And if you want to go for a dip in the sea, you will find shallow, calm waters along most of the coast. There are wooden piers and beach flag designations on both Hou Beach and Hølken Beach.

Along the route you will pass Hou Nordstrand on an accessible footpath that runs along the beach. The path starts on Klitrosevej near the harbour. By Nordstranden you’ll pass by Hou Sea Sport Centre which offers beach holiday homes designed for people with disabilities.

From here you will walk in the fine beach sand. On the way you will pass by the camp sites of Hou Beach Camping and Hygge Strand Camping. When you reach Hygge Strand Camping you’re halfway and we recommend taking a break.

Back to Hou

If you just looove the coast you can return to Hou the way you came. But you can also follow the route that takes you through town. The route back takes you through residential areas and by footpaths along the coast. You’ll pass by the large swimming centre of Vandhalla, the most accessible swimming centre in all of Denmark which boasts a 90-metre-long water slide among other facilities.

The return route takes you to the opposite end of the harbour of Hou. On this side of port, you can get a good view of the shipyard, the large marina with its sailing-themed playground and the charming houses in the old part of Hou.

We recommend that you visit Mosters Ice Cream Parlour for a well-deserved break. The ice cream parlour offers ice cream and light meals the Danish way. And if you want to experience true hygge you can play a board game or borrow a net and go catch shore crabs by the harbour.

Are you up for a challenge?

For some, 10 kilometres is a lot - for others, it is not enough. If you want a bit of a challenge, we recommend extending your trip with these three natural wonders of The Coastal Land:

1) Ravnskoven Forest: Right before you reach the harbour on your way back you reach the coast on the street of Strandgade. Right at the bend of the street you can keep following the coast away from the route. You will reach a footpath that leads to the beautiful forest of Ravnskoven. A trip through the forest adds 4 kilometres to your hike.

2) Saksild Beach: From Hølken you can choose to continue along the coast to the north to Saksild Beach. A trip to the popular beach and back adds 10 kilometres to your hike.

3) The Bjørnkær Rampart: A short distance to the west of town tucked away in a small forest you will find the historic mounds of Bjørnkær, one of the largest and best preserved ramparts in the east of Jutland. To reach Bjørnkær, continue down the street of Vestergade instead of following the route along Strandgade. Turn right when you reach the manor Gersdorffslund. On your left a gravel road leads you into the forest and all the way to the rampart. A trip to Bjørnkjær adds three kilometres to your hike.