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Wall of Sound

2 days a year the park in front of FÆNGSLET (the prison) is transformed into a music festival site with scenes, tempting food stands, exciting experiences, and intimate snug corners.

Discover well-known Danish music artists

The schedule for Wall of Sound 2022 is not yet announced, but you can look forward to experiencing popular Danish artists and a selection of amazing musical talents and acts. If you are interested in a different kind of experience, then you should also try Silent Disco where participants are handed headphones and dance to beats made by live DJ’s.


Colourful bits and urban happenings

Apart from the music, Wall of Sound offers a multitude of other art and culture experiences spread across the festival site and hidden in snug corners between the big old trees of the prison park. You can expect anything from board games to bodypaint.


For children too

You can bring kids to Wall of Sound as there will be music and activities targeting children both afternoons.


Culinary experiences under the trees

Wall of Sound has food for every taste - no matter if you crave fries and draught beer or gourmet food and cocktails. The many streetfood stands, beer tents, coffee shops and snack carts are carefully selected based on quality, sustainability and of course to ensure a wide selection.


Further information

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