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Unwrapping Horsens

At a central location in Horsens, you can visit this little grocery shop with a selection of local, organic, and sustainable products. But bring your own containers though - the store is package free – for the sake of the environment.

Shopping without packaging

Do you want to make a difference when you do your groceries? Unwrapping Horsens is shopping with an attitude. The little store in the centre of Horsens was created with a desire to have a positive impact on environment, health, and our common future.

The products in the store are often handpicked from local manufacturers which reduces transportation. All products are organic, and not least package free. Therefore, you have to bring your own containers, bags, bottles or the likes, depending on what you wish to buy. This way, you avoid unnecessary production of plastic that would otherwise end in the trash can. Make sure to weigh the container in the store before filling it with Unwrapping’s quality products.


What can you buy?

At Unwrapping Horsens, you can purchase a selection of dried food such as beanspasta, rice, chickpeas, quinoa as well as vinegar, cooking oil, spices, chocolate, cndy, tea, coffee and other things.

You can see a selection of Unwrapping’s assortment at their website.

In addition to foods, it is also possible to buy a series of other products that are created with care. You can for example find cosmetics, plastic free kitchen tools, and upcycled tea towels. The selection of products is continuously being renewed, so make sure to stop by regularly.


Opening hours

Unwrapping Horsens is open Monday-Friday every week. You can see the exact current opening hours on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to follow Unwrapping on social media where stay updated on new additions to the assortment.


About Unwrapping Horsens

The owner of Unwrapping Horsens, Daniela, is from Slovakia, trained in Czech Republic, but has lived in Denmark for a number of years. She got the idea for the store at a young age when she was studying in high school and discovered that our way of life is not sustainable, and that we are slowly heading towards an environmental disaster. Her university studies focused on the environmental issues, and she brings this knowledge and passion with her in Unwrapping.

In the store, you can also meet Daniela’s right-hand woman, Julie Marie. She has the same passion for our environment and sustainability as Daniela. They are both ready for a chat and competent guidance when you visit the shop.