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Spektrum Odder Indoor Swimming Pool

Time for playing, wellness, exercise and swimming. In Spektrum Odder swimming pool you will find four separate pools dedicated to different purposes. This means there is room for everyone. You can also join a wellness night for adults only or stop by for an evening swim combined with playtime for children and adults who love to have fun.

Hot-water area

In this area you will find two pools. One of them is mostly for families and adults, and the other one is for babies and small children. The water is 34 degrees, and the air is 36 degrees. The facilities include space for the little ones to be undressed and dressed right next to the water in the warm surroundings. The kids can also enjoy a tiny slide and find play equipment.

Playing- and exercise area

Would you like to swim back and forth, or are you there for playing and having fun? In the playing- and exercise area you will find two almost identical pools for just those activities.

In the playing pool you can dive from the 1meter og 3meter platform or slide from the big water slide. You will also find playing equipment, balls and floating gear free for use.

The exercise pool has a length of 25 metres and a depth of water of 2 metres - well-suited for laneswimming.

Wellness for adults
Join the pool for an evening of wellness. Every Tuesday and Thursday night 6pm-10pm, Spektrum offers wellness and "sauna-gus", candles, quiet and soothing music as well as massage jets. On Thursdays, the activity level is typically a bit higher, and you can join in on aquafitmats and other common activities. Wellness nights are only for adults (16+).

Playing for young and old
Dive from the platform, slide from the waterslide or romp about with playing equipment such as the giant inflatable dog. Every Wednesday night 8pm-10pm the pool is loaded with fun and games for all.


Pools in the hot-water area 

  • Family and adult pool 9x10 metres. Depth of water 1-1,6 metres
  • Baby and toddler pool 9x4 metres. Depth of water 0,6 metres

The water is 34 degrees celsius and the air is 36 dregrees celsius. Air humidity is at about 50 percent.
0,6 percent salt and 0,5mg/l chlorine is added to the water. The pools have a pH value of 6,9.

Pools in the playing and exercise area

  • Playing pool 25x12,5 metres. Depth of water 0,9-4 metres. Water temperature is 28 degrees.
  • Swimming pool 25x12,5 metres. Depth of water 2 metres. Water temperature is 27 degrees.

The air is 30 degrees, and the air humidity is at about 50 percent.
0,6 percent salt and 0,5mg/l chlorine is added to the water. The pools have a pH value of 6,9.

Opening hours during Danish holidays: Monday-Friday 10am-4pm

General opening hours

Closed on the 24th, 25th, 26th and 31st of December as well as January 1st.