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The Samsø Ferry

The ferry between Hou in Jutland and Sælvig on Samsø is chartered by Samsø Rederi. The beautiful crossing takes 1 hour.

Samsø is one of Denmark's biggest and most popular holiday islands. The size of the island makes it suitable for bike rides between the cosy villages on the island. Samsø is also known for its numerous road stands and farm shops that sell fresh vegetables. This is also why Samsø is referred to as Denmark's pantry. 

In Hou you have the option to stuck up on supplies at the grocery shop Dagli'Brugsen while waitin for the ferry. But Hou is much more than just a ferry berth, and worth a visit in itself. Here you can enjoy the maritime environment at the marina, eat at a café, grab an ice cream or go for a walk at the fine beach going north from the harbour. 

From Hou there is also a ferry link to Tunø that is a great alternative to Samsø. The two islands are located very close to each other and in many ways there are alike. But Tunø is significantly smaller and interestingly car-free. This creates a unique atmosphere at Tunø that is definitely worth a visit.