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Padel1 Odder

Try the popular, fun and family-friendly sport of paddle tennis that will make you break out in a sweat while also putting a smile on your lips. Paddle tennis combines the best of tennis and squash, but is somewhat easier to play as a beginner - so bring the kids, and let the games begin!

A fun sport for the entire family

If you have not heard of paddle tennis before, you are not the only one. Paddle tennis, or simply "paddle", is a new and rapidly growing sport in Denmark that combines elements from tennis and squash. You play inside a cage with areas of metal lattice and glass, in a marked court divided by a low net and approximately half the size of a tennis court.

It is said of paddle that it is a sport that is "easy to learn but hard to master" - which has the advantage that everyone can join in and have fun right from the get-go.

Paddle is played by at least four people and is thus a perfect (and healthy) family activity in which even the younger children can participate. The paddle is approximately the size of a typical beach tennis paddle and the ball is similar to your typical yellow tennis ball.

It is exercise, play, fun and games - all in one game.


Visit the local paddle centre

The paddle centre is located in a warehouse at the old machine works in Fillerup, only 3 km from Odder town centre. The ceilings in the hall are 12 metres above floor level which means that, although the game takes place in a cage, there is plenty of air. If you need a break in-between games, there is a nice lounge area where you can enjoy refreshments or just get let your heart rate slow down again. The centre has toilets and shower facilities.

Padel1 always provides free paddles and balls but you can also use your own equipment.


Opening hours, prices and booking of courts

Padel1 has good opening hours all year round - but is unmanned. So check their website for the current opening hours as well as the procedure for booking and using the courts.

As the centre only has two courts, we recommend booking well in advance.

The price for booking a court is DKK 125-380, depending on how long you want to play - and at what time of day.