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Øko Ged og Grønt

Ecology is paramount at this little family farm in the beautiful surroundings of Sondrup Hills. The farm has a large livestock of goats, and dairy and goat meat can be purchased at the farm shop.

Idyllic farm shop in beautiful surroundings

In the rolling landscape at Sondrup Plantation lies this farm with close to 300 goats. All the milk from the goats is turned into wonderful cheeses in the little dairy of the farm. Here, the goat cheeses and other dairy products of high quality are produced, which are sold in the farm shop and in multiple other shops in the local area.


Farm shop with locally produced foods

The farm shop at Øko Ged & Grønt is opened in limited time slots three times a week. View opening hours on their website. In the shop you can buy amazing organic goat cheeses in salt brine, fresh cheeses, goat brie, and not to forget, goat yoghurt.

You also have the opportunity to buy fresh goat milk if you bring your own container. In this case, please give the dairy notice beforehand.

Furthermore, you can buy different cuts of goat meat and goat sausages. Have you not tasted goat meat before, you have got the opportunity here.

Øko Ged & Grønt is an authentic and local food manufacturer, which delivers quality products from farm to fork. At the same time, it is an obvious opportunity for a delicious taste experience on your vacation or a unique souvenir. 


A part of the Coastal Land’s food map

Øko Ged & Grønt is one of many local farm shops and food manufacturers, which are a part of the Coastal Land’s food map. The map is your guide to high quality, local products. From dairies to smoke houses and orchards - in the Coastal Land you will find the whole spectrum.


Combine your visit with great nature experiences

You will not find a better location for a farm shop than Sondrup Hills. Here, the terrain is great for hiking and bike rides. The farm is places right across from one of the most amazing forests in Denmark for hiking, and there are several pretty vista points within a short walking distance with a view over Horsens Fjord. A few hundred metres from the farm shop is Trustrup Hills, where you can consider having a picnic with a piece of great bread and goat brie.

From the shop, it is not far to the coat at Sondrup Beach, and both the biking route and the hiking route, around Horsens Fjord, are crossing through the area.