Øko Ged og Grønt

Øko Ged og Grønt is a small family-owned farm located in the picturesque area Sondrup Bakker (Sondrup Hills).

At the farm, we have 140 dairy goats and just as many kids.

All of the goat milk gets processed and turned into delicious cheeses in our little dairy. We produce a wonderful goat gouda with or without herbs, a delightful goat cheese in brine with or without herbs, fresh goat cheese and tasteful goat brie and, of course, our goat yogurt.

All of our delicious specialities can be purchased in our farm shop. In our shop we also sell goat cuts and sausage. If you have never had the pleasure of tasting goat meat, then this is your chance.

Sondrup Bakkker is an amazing area for hiking and biking. And while you are here – remember to visit Sondrup Strand (Sondrup Beach) with shelter and campsite.

Welcome at Øko Ged og Grønt!