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The Juelsminde Peninsula Kayak Rental

Are you interested in experiencing the Juelsminde Peninsula from a kayak? An outing in a family-friendly sit-on-top kayak is a beautiful and memorable experience. Rent a kayak and set out for Horsens Fjord or Vejle Fjord either by yourself or on a guided tour. Or try fishing from the stable fishing kayaks.  

Become one with nature

The area around the Juelsminde Peninsula is perfect for sea kayak tours. The calm waters in the fjords of Horsens and Vejle combined with beautiful twisted stretches of coast and little charming islands provides ideal conditions for exploring the Danish east coast. 

At The Juelsminde Peninsula Kayak Rental you have a chance to rent one or more kayaks. You can rent the traditional sea kayaks or the family-friendly sit-on-top kayaks. The kayaks can be picked up in Staksrode or delivered to a pre-agreed location at a small fee. 


Go fishing in a kayak

The sit-on-top kayaks are suitable as an alternative to fishing from boat. The kayaks are very stable and come with a rod holder. The fjords of Horsens and Vejle have a large fish stock and the chances for a catch are great. 


Family-friendly kayaking

The sit-on-top kayak lets you (as the name implies) sit on a seat mounted on top of the kayak instead of lowered into a covered hole as in a regular sea kayak. This gives a greater stability which makes the sit-on-top suited for novices. The kayaks can be mounted with three seats - two for adults and one for a child in the middle. This makes it a great alternative to the canoe.


Guided tours 

Would you like to become better at kayaking or get to know the fjords better? The Juelsminde Peninsula Kayak Rental offers guided tours. You are welcome to contact them with your enquiry.



The prices for renting a kayak with paddle and life jacket starts at DKK 300,-. See the prices on the website