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Café Sdr. Vissing Torvehal

If you are hungry or just in the mood for a tasty treat, stop by our café at Sdr. Vissing Torvehal. In the café you can enjoy freshly baked bread and savory cakes from a local confectioner, as well as delicious sandwiches, tapas, wraps, freshly brewed coffee, chocolate and other delicacies.

There is always a wide range of taste sensations available in Sdr. Vissing Torvehal, in the café as well as in our farm shop, which is a gathering point for exciting high-quality products from local suppliers. E.g. we sell local beer, sausages, honey, juice and marmalade, as well as crafts, art and ceramics from local artists.

At you can take a virtual tour of the farm shop as well as Torvehallen’s Bed & Breakfast Toften.
We look forward to welcoming you at Sdr. Vissing Torvehal.