A large group walking on a guided trip along Horsens Fjord

Guided tours in the Coastal Land on foot

Photo: Odder Museum

Do you want to go hiking and learn along the way? In the Coastal Land there is an excellent selection of guided tours in both the countryside and town with experienced local guides who are happy to share their knowledge. Some of the themed tours have fixed dates, while others can be booked

As a starting point, the guided tours are in Danish, but call the guide and hear about the possibilities for other languages.

Guided tours in the Coastal Land


Historic town walks in Horsens

Museum Horsens has put together a series of themed guided tours of the town’s historic centre. The tours can be booked by all interested groups. Go on an archaeological walk, hear about the town during the occupation or hear more about the town’s interesting connection to Russia. You can also dive into all the art of the townscape

Large group on a guided walk at Gyllingnæs
Photo: Roald Kramer

Nature guide trips at Odder

Odder Museum’s nature guide arranges regular guided walks in the countryside north of Horsens Fjord with a focus on the area’s history and cultural heritage. As an example, a hike is arranged at Gyllingnæs and a visit to the otherwise inaccessible island of Vorsø in Horsens Fjord. Keep an eye on the museum’s calendar to see the programme. You are also welcome to contact the nature guide with a specific request for a guided tour in the countryside 

Group from Horsens Fodslaw hiking on a country road at As Vig
Photo: Ingolf Gilbert Rasmussen

Explore the Coastal Land with Horsens Fodslaw

Join us on wonderful hikes with other hiking enthusiasts. Horsens Fodslaw arranges regular hikes throughout the Coast Land, and you are welcome to participate. It is your opportunity to exercise and at the same time meet new people.


Become wiser about the world of geology

On the Juelsminde peninsula’s distinctive coastal cliffs, a world of exciting finds are hidden in the ground. Experienced geologist Inga Sørensen arranges trips, where you take a closer look at the many soil layers and rock types. The trips have fixed dates, but you are also welcome to contact Inga and hear about the possibility of a guided tour

Birgit Juel Martinsen from Writers Walk
Photo: Writers Walk

Writers Walk

Take a combined walk and writing workshop in the nature of the Coastal Land. Birgit Juel Martinsen regularly arranges writing walks, where you can try your hand at the art of writing and find inspiration for new stories. The trips are held, for example, at Endelave by Boller and on the Snaptun-Juelsminde coastal path

Man making food outdoor with fire
Photo: Tanggården

Seaweed safari

Go on a seaweed safari on the coast of Endelave with Nordisk Tang. On the trips, you can learn to harvest and take your own seaweed home to use. There are also tastings and visits to the Seaweed Farm (Tanggården), where you can enjoy a meal at the seaweed café or buy products to take home. The tours are arranged on an ongoing basis.