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Badebro med kørestolsadgang

Accessibility in The Coastal Land

Photo: Kasper Rander, Communiko

The Coastal Land offers plenty of experiences that are accessible to disabled people. On this page you can find a list of attractions and accommodation that are particularly handicap-friendly and accessible for the walking-impaired and people with disabilities.


Experiences and attractions in The Coastal Land that  are accessible for wheelchair-users, walking-impaired and others with physical handicaps. 

Vandhalla i Hou
Photo: Kasper Rander, Communiko


Vandhalla i Hou is Denmark's most accessible swimming centre. The centre is designed aiming to give wheelchair-users the chance to enjoy all facilities. Vandhalla has the only waterslide in Denmark that is accessible to wheelchair users and ramps that gives access to all pools.

Rundvisning på Fængselsmuseet
Photo: Mads Dalegaard

The Prison Museum

Ramps, elevators and other facilities make it possible to get around all exhibitions on all floors of the museum. A few ramps are very steep and it can be difficult to get up on your own. The personnel will gladly help if needed. 

Entrance to Horsens Museum
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Horsens Museum

The museum is fully accessible for wheelchair-users. You can borrow folding chairs at the reception.



Accommodation with handicap-friendly facilities.

Hou Sea Sport Centre (Hou Søsportcenter)
Photo: Hou Søsportscenter

Hou Sea Sport Centre (Hou Søsportcenter)

11 handicap friendly designed holiday homes at Hou Beach on the Danish east coast. The spacious houses are the perfect base for the coastal holiday at the Odder Coast – regardless of your needs

Montra Parkhotel Odder
Photo: Montra Parkhotel

Montra Odder Parkhotel

This four-star hotel is placed at a central location in Odder, and focuses on accessibility. The hotel takes the needs of the physically and mentally disabled as well as the visually and hearing impaired, dyslexics and allergy sufferers into consideration. 

Meeting room with a view at Borre Knob
Photo: Borre Knob

Borre Knob Hotel

Borre Knob focuses on accessibility and is registered as accessible accommodation with GodAdgang. 

Pond behind Scandic hotel
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Scandic Hotel Bygholm Park

All parts of Scandic Bygholm Park thoroughly examined and designed with accessibility in view, so everyone with disabilities can have a comfortable and problem free stay.

Lobbyområdet på Hotel Opus i Horsens - en del af Destination Kystlandet
Photo: Hotel Opus

Scandic Opus Horsens

Carefully thought out solutions ensure that you can get around on your own. Opus is registered as accessible accommodation for people with the following disabilities: Walking-impaired, visually impaired, hearing impaired, asthmatics and allergy sufferers, mentally impaired and people with reading disorders.


Accessible nature experiences

Where do you find routes with wheelchair-friendly pavement?  Are there any accessible paths through the forest? Er der handicaptoilet i parken? We guide you to nature experiences or wheelchair users and walking-impaired. 


The Uncovered Bridge

A tarmacked path starts at the public parking lot on Vestbirkvej leading to The Uncovered Bridge, 300 metres away. You can easily access the bridge and enjoy the view of the river Gudenå og nyde udsigten over Gudenåen. There is a disabled toilet and access to tables and benches. The Uncovered Bridge is a part of  The Nature Path Horsens-Silkeborg, which is described below. It is possible to follow the tarmacked path in both directions if you wish to explore the nature around Vestbirk.

lifebuoy at Langelinie Beach
Photo: Hanne Nielsen

Langelinie City Beach

The urban beach Langelinie in Horsens has a large bathing jetty with a ramp for wheelchair users to use. It is possible to park at the marina, 350 metres from the jetty. The Langelinie facility is covered in grass, and there are no wheelchair-friendly paths, leading to the jetty. The lawn is very well-kept and  the surface is quite level, though. 

Lifeguard tower at Saksild Beach with guests on the beach
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Saksild Beach

The Odder Coast is home to the best bathing beach on the Danish east coast. Wheelchair users can access the beach via beach access mats that are rolled out onto the sand. Two from the parking lot to the water's edge and two along the coastline. You can park very close to the beach. You have fine access to stores around the beach and disabled toilets. Lifeguards keep an eye on guests during the summer period.  


The Nature Path Horsens-Silkeborg

The Nature Path is a 61-kilometre long tarmacked railroad path that connects the cities of Horsens and Silkeborg, the viialges between them and nature. Almost the entire route has a wheelchair-friendly pavement. The Nature Path Horsens-Silkeborg is a good option, if you wish to explore the beautiful nature of The Danish Lakelands. There are numerous locations along the way with easy access from parking lots.

Par går hånd i hånd på Kyststien ved Hou
Photo: Kristoffer Loft

The Coastal Path at Hou

Hou Coastal Path is a lovely hiking route with a view to the beaches of The Odder Coast, leading from the harbour in Hou to Hølken Beach. The first kilometre of the path has a wheelchair-friendly pavement. At the end of this stretch of the route, there is a wheelchair-friendly bathing option from a bathing jetty with an amazing crane/lift.